2023. February 3., Friday


STECO prepares for the Shell Eco-Marathon world competition

The engineering team of the University of Szeged will represent the university with its ecofriendly, innovative and customized vehicle in Rotterdam at the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe.

This is the first time when the University of Szeged will take part at the Shell Eco-Marathon which is one of the most challenging competitions for students studying engineering. This year, 230 university teams from Europe and Africa have received invitation in order to compete for the first prize between 21-24 May 2015 in Rotterdam.

The team of the University of Szeged applied for the competition with a custome-designed vehicle. The name of the team is STECO which is the combination of SZTE (University of Szeged) and Eco. The team consists of the professors and students of the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science and Informatics. The goal is to create an innovative electrical vehicle which can reach the the longest distance with the lowest energy consumption.

The team will inform the audiences about the progress on its Facebook site where they expect encouragement from their fans.

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The University of Szeged has joined the Demola Global Innovation Community, within the framework of the USZ Virtus Enterprise Catalyst Program, which aims to create a young, open, multidisciplinary community that works with creative ideas and methods to solve real market problems.