2024. March 2., Saturday


New brochures have been released relating to varios fields of sciences and research infrastructure

We are now introducing our new brochures which cover the main research ares of the university and present a wide variety of the research infrastructure used by scientists at our university. To read or download the brochures, please click on the links below (or you can find all our brochures in Documents):

Interdisciplinary research activities at the university of szeged - Research Teams:

Research infrastructure at the university of szeged - Indtrumernts of the University:

Laboratory capacities at the university of szeged - University Laboratories:

Quality, Reliability, Expertise:

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The University of Szeged has joined the Demola Global Innovation Community, within the framework of the USZ Virtus Enterprise Catalyst Program, which aims to create a young, open, multidisciplinary community that works with creative ideas and methods to solve real market problems.